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Basic Knowledge

Basic familiarization with the work of commands and the interface.


Interface and command's names languages depends on your server primary language in case if Community is enabled on your server.
If it is not, English will be selected as default. Languages can be configured by command +language.


By default, the bot uses the prefix +. All examples in this documentation will be described using this prefix, but it may differ from the one you set on the server.


The bot also uses its mention as a prefix. For example: @JeggyBot#6080 help.


In addition to the standard + prefix, the bot has the j! prefix, which cannot be changed or disabled.


Command examples (as well as this documentation) contain the symbols <> and []. These are conventions for the correct use of commands.


<> — Required parameter;
[] — Optional parameter;
Don't use <> and [] in command arguments!

Commands List#

All bot commands can be found by typing +help or on website.