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List of arguments and their application.


Some commands have a duration argument, this topic describes the duration format and provides a table of units.

Duration has the format of sequential writing of the number and unit of measure without spaces, for example 2hours, 1hr, 10d, 5min, 1year10month and etc.

The table contains all available units of measurement, as well as full and abbreviated spelling.

Unit Writing (English) Writing (Russian)
Years y, yr, year, years г, год, года, лет
Month mo, month, months мес, месяц, месяца, месяцев
Weeks w, week, weeks н, неделя, недели, недель
Days d, day, days д, дн, день, дня, дней
Hours h, hr, hour, hours ч, час, часа, часов
Minutes m, min, minute, minutes м, мин, минута, минуты, минут
Seconds s, sec, second, seconds с, сек, секунда, секунды, секунд

Say command#

The say command has an optional argument that can change the color of the embed when the message is sent. To enable this flag you should write below command:

+say [Text] --color <#HEX color>